Every employer’s top priority should be avoiding employment litigation.

REIDDENNISFRICK attorneys are experienced in counseling and providing advice that reduces the risk of employment litigation.  While many employers implement preventative programs and cost-effective resolutions designed to eliminate employee disputes, employment litigation may be an unavoidable reality.  We understand employment disputes and a significant part of Reid & Dennis’ practice is dedicated to employment litigation and providing our clients with innovative, immediate and focused legal representation.

Reid & Dennis represents clients before state and federal courts in employment lawsuits.  We repeatedly handle the following types of disputes:

  1. Discrimination claims based on religious, age, race and gender bias.
  2. Retaliation claims based on discrimination, EEOC claims, FMLA, sexual harassment, filing workers’ compensation claims and reporting OSHA violations.
  3. Litigation involving wage and hour issues, unpaid wages as well as unpaid vacation and severance pay.
  4. Contract disputes and non-compete covenants.
  5. Misappropriation of trade secrets and copyright infringement.
  6. Whistleblower.
  7. Non-subscriber employee injury claims.
  8. Wage and hour, FLSA and overtime disputes.

Reid and Dennis has the knowledge and resources to develop practical and effective resolutions when litigation arises. Our goal is to reduce your exposure and litigation expense.  We spend hours educating ourselves to understand the frequent changes in government regulations and emerging trends from court opinions.  Our experience and knowledge allow us to pursue innovative and immediate resolutions for our clients. Use Reid & Dennis employment lawyers as a tool to protect your future and your immediate best interests. We provide sound business judgment to disputes that are highly emotional and contain feelings of ill will. Use REIDDENNISFRICK to eliminate and manage your risk through employment litigation.

If you need advice or representation in an administrative proceeding or lawsuit, contact us at 972-991-2626 for an immediate consultation. REIDDENNISFRICK is here to help.

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