Transportation Litigation

Trucking and transportation liability cases involve complicated laws and regulations and the development of large amounts of evidence related to the trucking company, driver, and truck trip involved in a wreck. Detailed regulations make an accident involving a semi truck significantly more complex than a standard automobile accident case, and the injuries tend to be more severe. REIDDENNISFRICK attorneys are committed to providing aggressive and efficient representation of its transportation clientele. Our attorneys are required to be well informed and proficient in all regulatory, legal and industry issues that have an impact on the company’s business and financial exposure.

REIDDENNISFRICK attorneys have extensive experience investigating and defending legal actions filed against truck drivers and the trucking companies. Our years of practice have resulted in our access to experts in a variety of specialty areas related to trucking and transportation litigation, enhancing our ability to successfully defend our clients.

Because semi-truck accidents often result in major injury and potential criminal exposure, it is imperative to immediately investigate the accident scene and determine who is responsible for the accident. Early assessment is the key to success. It has been our experience that the person who gets to the scene of the accident first has the ability to make sure that the investigation is accurate, key evidence is preserved and information is gathered so that immediate decisions can be made. We are familiar with truck accident investigation techniques and the laws regulating the industry and use this knowledge to best represent our clients.

We have developed an emergency response team of accident reconstructionists and attorneys who are immediately available to assist the client. We have also developed relationships with criminal defense attorneys to protect the driver in the event criminal issues arise.

REIDDENNISFRICK attorneys are experienced in investigating and trying truck accident cases.

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