Family Law IssuesPeople often find it difficult to balance work life with family.  At REIDDENNISFRICK, we offer our clients substantial expertise to address their family law and estate planning legal needs.  When conflict arises and litigation results, you can trust the experience of our seasoned family law professionals to protect your assets and to take care of your children.  We offer the following family law services:

Our family law team brings has the knowledge and experience to assist in divorce proceedings with complex property disputes, nasty custody battles, and difficult evidentiary issues.  We attack such cases with strategic vision, with efficiency, and with the belief that we should pick battles wisely – fighting those that serve our clients’ interests and avoiding those that obscure important issues and needlessly drive-up costs.  The needs and resources of every client are important to us, so the choices made in each case are made together by attorney and client.

Family Law Practice Areas

Ending a marriage is difficult.  During this tough time, your divorce attorney may be the only one in your corner.

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family law

Child custody battles can become contentious, and the parties can quickly lose focus of their primary objective.

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employment disputes

Our attorneys are experienced in counseling and providing advice that reduces the risk of litigation.

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construction litigation

Our attorneys represent material suppliers, general and subcontractors, and more.

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We have litigated claims for accounting, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, breach of contract, embezzlement, and more.

Professional Liability Claims

Lawyers, accountants, directors and officers are increasingly subject to claims made by clients or shareholders.

Insurance Defense

We have extensive experience in representing insureds and self-insureds in simple as well as complex disputes.

Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith

Disputes between insurer and insured go beyond the classification of contract claims.

We have extensive experience with staff leasing arrangements and resolving disputes that arise out of staff leasing relationships.

Trasportation Litigation

Our attorneys have extensive experience investigating and defending legal actions filed against truck drivers and the trucking companies.

Personal Injury

Our litigation practice is not one in which we handle a large volume of personal injury cases on an assembly line basis.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Experience in ADR is an important addition to any commercial litigation practice.

Large Loss Subrogation

Self insured businesses and Insurance companies do not ordinarily think of themselves as plaintiffs. Subrogation rights are created by contract, statute, common law and equity.